Things I've Outgrown at 25

When I first launched my blog in 2018, I wrote about things I'd learned at twenty-three. I was silly and hadn't saved the entry directly onto my laptop before my website subscription expired so now I have no way of getting it back unless I pay a hefty fee of one hundred and fifty dollars (plus tax). Thankfully, a lot of growth has happened since then and I've gotten better at saving documents! Living through a pandemic has really changed the world, the way that I've started to really live my life, and the way I process at twenty-five. When I can, I'm always picking up different hobbies that spark my interest and learning something new to fuel the creative fires desperately keeping me physically and emotionally afloat. Enough about what I've been picking up lately though (whoops- can't stop, won't stop, am I right) let's talk about some things I've let go.

Social Media 24/7

I absolutely love social media. It's a handy way to connect with others, share interests, and other information. Eventually, the tool turned into a terrible distraction. Scrolling often hindered me from accomplishing some (a lot of) tasks. I'm sure a lot of you can relate to this. I hadn't realized it was holding me back from making time for more meaningful ventures.

I put it all away completely for some time, deleted all the apps and it was like a breath of fresh air. Eventually, I decided to redownload them but I've learned to just remember that social media is a tool for the goals that I have. Using social media as a tool and using it to create instead of consuming has helped me stay focused on what I want to be focused on.

FOMO and Going Out

It's not really saying much these days, but this really went out the door for me a while back. I think I realized this during my undergrad. I was very much part of the percentage of college students that didn't care about partying every weekend as a freshman. Of course, now, I really miss going out. I miss getting dressed and trying new places with my best friend.

If we're talking FOMO with job opportunities, all I have to say about that is whatever is for you will be there for you. Just keep moving forward and being active about pursuing your goals. Especially now, as an actor, the first couple of times I heard those 'no's' were kinda (really) discouraging- imagine hearing it over and over again. It's important to find joy in your journey. Stay in your lane, just follow your gut and enjoy the adventure.


I used to collect make-up when I was younger. The release of new eye shadow palettes would be the highlight of my life. With COVID-19 really putting the damps on going out at all, I've barely put on a full face of make-up let alone purchasing anything of the sort. In the last five years, I think I've only gone out to repurchase or replace an item or two. Post my Instagram "influencer" phase (wow, I really hate that word now), I purchase mainly for my personal use and not for reviews (though I will rave if I must).

Make-up wasn't always "just fun" for me. It became a vehicle for my insecurities to ride- on and on, in an endless loop. Using less make-up over the years has really improved the way I see myself and beauty.

My Personal Facebook Account

I finally deleted my old Facebook account! Hallelujah! If I counted the number of people whom I actually keep in touch with through this platform, I know it would be less than thirty. We've all seen the former high school acquaintances going back and forth on political stances. Ironically, insensitivity and lack of empathy run amuck in anything that has any potential for respectful and fruitful conversation or debate. I could go on for a while about it. It's all just terribly exhausting. It's a no for me.

Mindset:  "Pursuing the Arts is Not Fulfilling”

Whatever it is you find a deep interest in, pursue it. People are going to shut you down. At the end of the day, YOU will be living the days of your life, not anyone else. It's so important to develop a good filter. What is that really bring meaning to your life?

Only you know what your heart is calling to at the end of the day. Only you can decide.

 I continue to reflect on how incredibly dense I was in the past about what success really meant for me- or just in general, really. It's taken a lot of experiences with others and self-reflection to remove myself from the expectations others have for me. I'd fallen quite deep into the mentality that the arts were a waste of time. I'd agree, the path of an artist may not be the most financially stable to follow and the journey can be extremely difficult, but it has been one of the most fulfilling for me. The last few years leading up to my twenty-fifth showed me how incredibly dynamic and capable the human spirit is. No, I know not everyone may be called to make a living from the arts but if you ever feel that it is, I urge you to find a way and follow. Have no regrets.

What are some things you've let go of?

All images included in this post photographed and edited by Andre Calder II of Solid Rock Productions LLC.


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