Quarantine Post No.x

As much as I don't want this to sound like an apocalyptic diary entry, it's been almost a month since the beginning of the quarantine- at least from where I'm at.  

But we must remain hopeful & thoughtful of others.

With that being said, a lot of people really do not know what to do with themselves when it comes to this level of alone time. I do enjoy being in my own space, creating cool things out of nothing. It's honestly my favorite! I guess in the midst of all my solitary fun, I forgot about those who thrive on the opposite. 


I've been vlogging again and I've been learning how to edit videos, whether they'll be seen online or not? I'm not sure yet (because wow, the first time I tried to, I failed epically but anyway-). What I've learned so far though, I do find vlogging so much more enjoyable to film than the traditional one-room, sit-downs. I feel like you can catch more fun moments when you're vlogging. 

Cooking Challenges
Picking one main ingredient such as say, sweet potato, and creating different meals based on these ingredient(s). I've always enjoyed cooking but only recently have I found joy in creating whole meals from scratch. If you haven't already been able to tell, I do enjoy taking pictures. So if I enjoy one of these meals enough, a whole recipe book might just end up in the works! I think it would be such a fun project to start! If you ever do, I would absolutely love to check your recipes out!

Building My Photography Skills
Speaking of pictures, I've been learning more about photography and lighting. There are always new angles to explore and moods to play with. It's been a few months of exploring this new hobby of mine and I've really grown to see the beauty in my surroundings. Taking pictures around the house doesn't sound too fancy, but if you examine something long enough, you might just find something interesting that you never thought could be!

(not sponsored)
I LOVE to learn new things. I've known about Masterclass for a while before I was finally able to take classes through it! They've got so many interesting courses that you can take. In addition to all the acting, drama, and theatre courses in my course queue, I have filmmaking, directing, storytelling & mixology (because I've gotten a

The Sims 4 + Letsplays
When I'm not cleaning, organizing, or doing other fun solitary things, I like to reward myself with more fun, solitary things: some good ol' fashioned casual gaming. I posted on twitter recently about requests for self CAS (or Create A Sim, for those new to the game). I've also recently discovered how to record my computer screen so I'm really looking forward to learning how to edit recordings! What games in your library have you not touched in a while? Maybe now's the time to fall in love with them again!

On top of reading, continuing to fill my days with all things film, catching up on anime, journaling, playing with my sweet puppies, I've also been annoying the crap out of my family as I break out in song.
It really has been fun seeing people trying new things and being creative in their homes.
I wish I had more time in the day to keep learning but a girl's gotta sleep, y'know? 
What have you been to satisfy your creativity?

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