Anti-Racism During the Pandemic & Resources

Let’s be still for a moment. 

How are you? No, really. I hope you're doing okay. 
I hope youre taking care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Its important. I dont know if youre a hugger or if you simply prefer to sit and be but if you need either, I hope it gives you some comfort that I would definitely volunteer.

How have I been? 

I've known better days- literally & emotionally. 

As an Asian-American in white America, I’m not a foreigner to racism. News of the COVID-19 pandemic has made racism towards people of Asian descent more prevalent. It's worsened and it's disgusting. It’s allowed for dialogue to finally take place. There’s just a lot I want to say. Too many times, my thoughts run too quickly to catch, much like time these days. What even is time? The concept of it escapes me so often now that I had to check: its been about four months.

I've been finding myself immersed in current events and world news every day. A family member teased me recently about it. Y’know, I didnt really do much of that before 2018. Unfortunately, as a result, it never opened conversations. I’m working on it.


In the four months of quarantine, the crimes committed against George Floyd became the turning point. 

Finally, so many injustices have been brought entirely to the surface. Its finally enough to gain public attention. Finally given enough momentum by non-Black people to incite real, active changes even though “enough” should have been too many Black sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, friends ago should have been so many stolen lives ago. Why is it this way?
This is not the first time.

We need to open our hearts and minds. The positive changes happening now are important to pursuing human rights. The uncomfortable but open conversations taking place with ourselves and others are vital. Let's remind ourselves that our responses to these injustices have the power to create positive change. Our voices are truly powerful. The Black Lives Matter movement has finally brought systemic racism of Black people into the light for us. Changes in government happen all the time, too often to the disadvantage of marginalized individuals & communities of BIPOC- too often.

Youve heard it already and we need to keep hearing it: educate, empathize, and act. Let's educate ourselves. Let's do the research outside of the news, ask questions and empathize to understand how others may be affected by your actions, and act to correct it. If someone calls you out on something, really think about it and change. Act against systemic racism in your thoughts, in your words, within your circle of family and friends by speaking up from a place of love (I've come to learn this can be really difficult), and most importantly, act against the system of oppression through your votes. Which of those running for positions of power will truly hear the needs of the marginalized and act upon them? Who will listen to the humanity of their communities, instead of the prejudice that seeks to benefit only itself? 

Black Lives Matter is a movement. It's not an overnight trend and long-lasting changes in society need constant attention and work. No, nobody needs to act savior. What is needed now is support through actions to move this country forward from the systemic injustice that is racism.

Its time to act. Change is overdue.

Always Go In Peace.


P.S. Yes, there’s definitely still a pandemic going on. So stay home and distance yourself accordingly. If we ever get tired of staying home and social distancing, let's put our beautiful minds to work and get creative! And yes, I'm wearing a beanie during the summer.

Below are some resources to help support

the Black Lives Matters movement and Anti-Racism.

Official Black Lives Matter website


NAACPLegal Defense and Education Fund

For my fellow Asians, I feel like this is a great place to begin.

Additional exposure, I suggest looking through possible infographics via Instagram through the #blacklivesmatter and #asiansforblacklives. Ask questions to create meaningful conversations that you can reflect on.