Clarity. Intention. Joy.

Everything's a little clearer now...

    Happy new year, everyone! I hope you all got to spend this first week in the ways you wanted. This January, my best friend came to visit me from out of town and I feel so blessed to have been able to finally spend a fun night downtown with her. There's people who take energy from you and those whose presence refuel. It made me sad to watch her drive back home but I know I'll see her soon enough. I'm so glad I have her in my life to help recharge the spirit. Getting back into the swing of things would've been a drag without her help.

Clarity. Intention. Joy.

    As promised, here is the final half of last year's portrait session! This set of portraits is c
entered on themes of having clarity, being intentional, and receiving joy for the new year. These three words continued to spring to mind in moments of reflection (I did a lot of that in December) so I just kept with it and brought these reflections with me onto set.

    I really would like to keep up with my photography more in 2023, whether it's more planned out photoshoots like this or more candid Polaroids of my loved ones and random things I find interesting. I've always taken random pictures around the house or on special occasions but I would like to get back to it more is all.

Trust that there's a time for everything.

    I've also been so much more interested in lighting and color in photography recently since visiting my friends in Houston this last year. There was so much love for art that I felt during these trips that inspired me. I don't think that this recent collection of portraits would've even been a thing if it weren't for the encouragement of good friends, especially friends who are also creatives. 

I just love this because my hand looks like it's floating and I thought that was funny and cool when I was editing.

    I hope you enjoyed the second part of this portrait session! I really enjoyed putting it together- the concept, the wardrobe, hair, makeup, lighting and editing- all of it! I'm thinking of showing you all the final bits through Instagram this weekend so if you aren't already keeping up with me there, you can do so here! You can also read up on more acting and film things through in-depth posts on my artist BMAC! Thank you to everyone who showed love for my work recently and continue to do so! Your support will always mean so much to me (seriously, you all are amazing)! Thank you for caring about my art :)  

    However you decide to approach this new year, I hope you find all that you search for. Praying for our joys and peace to be protected from harm, always.

All the love,


Sup ;)

P.S. After some thought, I've decided I would like to go back to church this year. I just felt like I found no place within the Catholic communities near me. It was hurtful for me to step away from church. In the past, I would go to daily Mass every other day and spend hours in Adoration; it brought me so much peace, joy and clarity. But after the pandemic, I just couldn't put myself within communities that perpetuated hate and wanted to force unreasonable change towards others. I let the bad apples chase me away from my faith- from God. But I'm coming back home with hope for those like myself- for Catholics like me. For anyone who feels the same, know that you are not alone.

Now, with all things new...

Marr Aragon, Creative Director & Photographer


My name is Marr Aragon.
I'm a Filipino American actor, photographer, and aspiring filmmaker in Dallas, Texas.