New Season, New Chapters:

[ Austin, Texas ]

Joy can be found all around us and last month was filled with so much of it.

May can be an incredibly eventful month. You can feel and see everything coming back to life. People are out for birthdays, anniversaries, summer vacation from work or school, music festivals, movies, and other cool and exciting events in and out of town. The days are warmer and longer; there's just this renewed sense of inspiration that's all around us and I love it.

I WISH I could tell ya'll which whiskey this was. But I don't remember. Somethin' peach...

This year's been feeling different. So many changes are happening and these are changes I've been waiting and working towards. If my blessings this year grew into flowers, I'd be sitting in a beautiful garden right now. I just feel so grateful that this season has been a lot easier than those of the past. I'm taking the time to enjoy the fruits of my labor and allowing myself to feel joy in my accomplishments.

Cool Kid 1. Cool Kid 2.

This past month, I went to Austin with some friends for a farewell get together and got to celebrate my birthday with the best company. It was such a wonderful surprise to be surrounded by so many good friends. I wish I'd taken more pictures but that's alright!

"I want to give love by being present to what's actually happening in front of me."

I think I've gotten over this sense of irony of being a photographer but not wanting to document every moment of life. I really think that my pursuit of acting has really changed the way I perceive life and how I go about the balancing act of it all. Over time, there's been this sense of some fear of missing out. It's funny because I feel like I've phased out of that headspace (or so I've led myself to believe). So when I find myself experiencing that, it takes me by surprise and it can take a while to figure out where my subconscious has taken me.

I'm pretty sure the neighbors could hear us all laughing. What fun times :')

Ya'll just a bunch of nerds, honestly.

But I don't think it's the fear of missing out on whatever other people are doing. I think it's the fear of missing out... on my own life. I'm becoming more and more okay with putting the camera down and leaving that workspace when I want to. I want to give love by being present to what's actually happening in front of me. At the end of the day, I always find that the more I focus on this intention, the more goodness I receive in life.

Always, with lots and lots of love,



This year I finally signed with a talent agency within the Texas/South Central region! It feels so good to be professionally represented as an actor for film, television and commercial! Because nothing is ever promised concerning booking projects, celebrating every single win, no matter how big or small, is so important to me. It's a mental space that I have practiced since deciding on pursuing acting and it's been a crucial part of how I'm able to keep going. 

I never thought I'd be surrounded by so much great energy in my personal life during this new chapter. I've gotten so used to celebrating my wins on my own; it's all I really feel like I can do while pursuing something that seems so... different. I'm so excited to keep working on my craft and to keep finding joy in the journey. 


Marr Aragon, Creative Director of Too Many Things


Hello! My name is Marr Aragon.
I'm a Filipino American actor, photographer, and aspiring filmmaker in Dallas, Texas. Thank you so much for your support!

I think my mans took this photo. I love him so much for it.